How The French Stay Thin

The French lead the world in fashion and their sultry language is irresistible to many all around the world. French, particularly Parisians have been known to stay on the slim side with little effort. With many first world countries such as the United States pushing the obesity statistics – there are many things we can learn from our European neighbor.

The French stay slim through a myriad of good habits that they practice day in and day out. The French have lowest body weight compared to other Western countries.

Eat Slowww
It almost seems like a habit in many countries to eat on the go. Between a busy work schedule, children, and other responsibilities rapidly throwing down your lunch at your desk or scarfing down breakfast on the go in the morning seems like second nature. This is extremely detrimental to your overall health habits. Finishing your meal in under 5 minutes is not ok – after all you should savor and slowly enjoy your food that way your brain has enough time to catch up with your stomach. Far too often eating rapidly results in overeating and a stomach ache.

Quality Quality Quality
If you can’t tell, there’s an emphasis on quality. The French take pride in eating holistic, fresh, and natural food. With the rise of industrialism all over the globe, packaged snacks and ready-made treats seem like the easy way to curb your food cravings. These foods are jam packed with artificial sweeteners and empty calories. Consuming these on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to pack on pounds.

Cut The Portion Size
Stick to small portion sizes. Giant cups of soda, huge sandwiches overstuffed with too many ingredients and condiments, and oversized pizzas with a plethora of toppings will hurt your body composition. Food is made for sustenance, not for gluttony. Hold back on the over indulging and cut your portion size.