Prescribing Nature: How It Can Improve Your Health

Nature has the ability to cure ailments and illness in each and every one of us. As time progresses, individuals all over the world have taken an active stance against the big pharmaceutical industries that prescribe a pill for things ranging from minor headaches to major depression. It seems as though there’s a magic pill to heal every ache or pain - whether it me a physical, mental, or emotional one.

In the great times of technology and information, nature is seen as a last stop or an afterthought. Well, nature has the power to cure illnesses and disturbances beyond your belief.

Whether you are walking, running, or enjoying outdoor activities in nature – the health benefits are endless. Here are some of the positive ways nature can impact you:

1. Decrease risk of disease
Research studies conducted at the University of East Anglia have proven that exposure to green areas reduce risks for various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Spending time in nature makes you feel healthier!

2. Boost immune system
Groups of people who are exposed to more green spaces such as parks, forests, and nature trails report lower levels of illness than those who are exposed to very little green spaces. City-dwellers who have little access to green spaces are more likely to suffer from illness and stress.

3. Improve mood
Nature has the ability to make you feel relaxed, peaceful, and serene. With so much stimuli occurring all around us, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Stress is actually not natural for a human which is why it has so many negative effects.

4. Increased focus
Children who spend time outdoors or in nature have a higher ability to focus and remain on task than those who do not get as much outdoor time. Green spaces have been found to have positive affects on children suffering from ADHD.