Scientific Fat Loss Techniques

Reema Abdullah | October 22nd, 2020

Fat is an important part of your body; it plays many roles and functions. Your body needs fat, but not excessive amounts of it. It helps you absorb nutrients, keep you warm, protect vital organs, and produce important hormones.

If there is leftover glucose outside of what the liver can contain, it can be turned into fat for long-term storage. When carbohydrates are infrequent, the body runs mainly on fats. If energy needs surpass those provided by fats in the diet, the body must liquidate some of its fat tissue.

Load Up On Protein For Breakfast
Protein is a great choice for breakfast because it aids your body in feeling satiated throughout the day. When you feel fuller at the start of the day, your bound to make better decisions later in the day. Research studies have shown eating protein for breakfast can release hormones that make you feel full that last hours after you had your meal. Here are some great protein breakfast options below:
– Eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, turkey bacon, black beans, peanut butter, protein shake

Cut Out Refined Carbs and Sugars

There is nothing worse in your diet than an excessive amount of refined carbs and sugars. Refined sugars, whether in food or beverages, lead to obesity and poor health. Be watchful for hidden sugars and refined carbs. They are empty calories because your body digests them fairly quickly which leads you to feeling hungry again. Excessive amounts of sugar also trigger insulin in your body, which encourages fat storage in adipose tissue. Switch out the refined carbs and sugars for whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, whole grain pasta and bread.

Maintaining Gut Health

We are aware of the sweet, salty, and savory foods out there for your taste buds delight. What about the sour foods that make your face twist and your gut happy? Fermented foods contain good bacteria which supports your gut. You can implement a probiotic supplement into your diet, but food is always a great way to get the good bacteria you need. Try implementing foods like pickles, kimchi, yogurt, kefir, miso, and kombucha.

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