Stay Lean For The Summer

With summer being right around the corner, it’s no better time to get and stay lean for the outdoor, bikini-clad activities. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look leaner and slimmer for summer time. Swimming, hiking, and other activities require a certain level of fitness.

1. Lower Your Carb Intake
Focusing on foods that are protein and fiber rich is a good way to stay lean for the summer. It’s a great way to stimulate fat loss. Swap out a meal or two for a protein shake or bar.

2. Avoid Cheat Meals
A cheat meal is cheating yourself, especially when you are trying to be lean for the summer. Avoid junk food, alcohol, and empty calories. For drinks, stick to teas and water.

3. Plan Your Meals
You don’t have to plan every single meal, that can get rather monotonous. If you know you have a busy day, prep a few meals before hand to take on the go with you. It’s a method that will save you money, time, and empty calories.

4. Stay Active
There’s no better time to stay active than the summer time. Between playing on the tennis courts or running along a sunny path – there’s an endless selection of activities to choose from. The key to staying active is doing the activities you really love and enjoy.

5. Quality Sleep
You should focus on achieving 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Be aware of the stress levels you experience throughout the day.

6. Accountability
Accountability is key when it comes to tracking and monitoring your results. Keep a notepad dedicated to the fitness and health aspect of your life. Track each day how you feel, what exercises you performed, and foods you ate.