Strategic Meal Prep 101

Life can get very busy. When life gets busy you may be tempted to stop at the gas station for a snack and drink or quickly drive through your favorite fast food chain. Taking the quick way out can result in losing money, time, and skimping on your fitness and health results. Meal prepping is a very easy way to stay on track to your goals, save money, and save time.

There are many different ways you can meal prep. It all depends on your lifestyle and your schedule. What is so great about meal prepping is you have the flexibility to tailor the meals to your day to day activities and life.

Take Your Schedule Into Account
When do you find yourself reaching for the quick and easy food that veers off of your health and fitness plan? Is it in the morning time before you’re heading off to work, late at night when you get those cravings, or in the afternoon when you get the afternoon munchies? If you find a time in your daily schedule when you are finding yourself spending money and going of your plan – that is an opportune time to pick to meal prep.

Best Meal Prep Ingredients
- Eggs
- Almonds
- Brown Rice
- Leafy Green Vegetables
- Broccoli
- Chicken Breast
- Lean Ground Turkey
- Steel Cut Oats
- Green Tea
- Quinoa
- Mozzarella Cheese
- Tofu
- Fruits
- Greek Yogurt

Pick Your Prep Time
You can purchase easy meal prep containers that contain dividers at your local grocery store or online. Choose easy recipes and start simple. Make a list of your favorite fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein sources. Pick a prep day and cooking time and be sure to include extras in the batch you cook.

Quick Tips:
- Check your pantry first
- Make a grocery list of what you need
- Designate a place to store your recipes
- Pick a time and day to prep
- No need to prep all meals, only the time slots you struggle with